Monday, October 25, 2010

oil paintings in China

During this perioud in Yan’an, the style of artists had been influenced by “The speech of meeting on culture and art in Yan’an,”  XuBeiHong’s realism painting style was matched with that thought:”Culture and art should serve for worker and farmer soldiers” in that era.So his realism painting style gradually became standardized oil painting in China.

In 1964, Under the slogan:”Taking the classes’ struggling as the guidence”, The persons such as Lin Biao,Jiang Qing took a cultural sweep to culture and art field. Many painters’works were taken away, For instance,Zhong Han’s 《The edge of Yan River》, Du Jian’s 《Moving forward in the torrent》,Li Hua Ji’s 《Princess Wen Cheng》, Qin Zheng’s 《Home》 and etc. All these works were sentenced by fabricated crimes in the public and almost destroyed. On the other hand, oil painting has become the tools of creating the God, 《Chairman Mao to AnYuan》 has become typical work for that time。The number of printings for that painting reached over 100 million. At this time, some young talent oil painters began to appear, such as Chen DanQing, Shen Jia Wei, Chen Yiming, etc. Their representative works were: 《Never stop the war》, 《Tribute to the Yellow River》 ,《Tears covered the harvest fields》, 《I guard for my great motherland》 and so on.           (Wonderful collection of Cheap Oil Paintings,They are all Discount Oil Paintings.)It was the opening period of art after the Cultural Revolution, Various forms of paintings were booming and the forms of paintings were also varied.  Those works such as Luo ZhongLi’s 《father》, Chen DanQing’s 《Tibet of paintings》, Wen LiPeng’s 《Daughter of Earth》, Zhan JianJun’s 《Looking back》, were masterpieces of this period. After this primary booming period of art, oil painting reached a new crossroads again, It has been urgent for Chinese paintings to have more modernized and fresher air, Therefore,Those works such as HuTiLin, Jia Difei’s 《General Yang JingYu》, Su Xiaobo’s 《The great family of mother》, Yu XiaoFu’s 《I gently knock on the door》, and other works made a new breakthrough to the theme of paintings under the care of contemporary sense.We provide Oil Painting Reproduction. Cheap Oil Painting are all Hand Painted,including Van Gogh, Monet, Georgia O’keeffe and more. Free shipping, ready to hang, no frame needed.

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