Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Oil Painting Techniques

Tools and Materials Oil Painting oil painting drawing techniques result in limited complexity. For centuries, artists have created in practice a variety of painting techniques, painting materials to play a full performance results. Painting the main techniques are:

    ① transparent cover color method, which uses only without the white color of oil dilution by multi-level paint pigments. After each layer must dry the next layer of color, the color of each layer are thinner, the lower the color can vaguely revealed, and the formation of the upper subtle changes of color tone. For example, in the crimson color layer mask painted blue and stable, it will have blue or purple in the cold in the apartment through the wealth effect of the warm, often can not be transferred out of the palette colors. This painting for the performance and solid sense of texture images, in particular, vividly depict the characters can be delicate skin color changes, people feel the blood flowing under the skin the skin. The disadvantage is a narrow color gamut, making the process work fine, a long time to complete the work, the artist is not easy to express real emotions of art.

    ② opaque cover color method, also known as multi-level shading. Paintings, the first major appearance with body color paint, and then use the color multi-level shape, often painted dark thin, middle tone and highlight the thick coating layers, or cover, or leave, the formation of color contrast. Because different thickness, showing the rich colors and texture rhyme intended. Both transparent and opaque painting there is no strict distinction between a painting of the artist often integrated use. Performance at the dark shadow of the images or when covered with a transparent color method can produce stable, deep sense of volume and spatial sense; opaque rules easy to follow color dark shape in a form other than to increase the screen color saturation. Most of the painters before the 19th century painting by both the production time is generally longer works, some unfinished by the long-term placement after layer, until completely dry after the color paint layer.

    ③ an opaque coloring, also known as direct coloring. That is to make images on the canvas after the body contour, with the feeling of the color images or the idea of laying of colors colors, essentially an unfinished, not the right place to go and continue with the painting Daogua color adjustments. This painting pigments in each of the relatively strong dip, color saturation, strokes are more clear, easy-to-time painting a vivid expression of feelings. After the mid-19th century, many artists use this painting more. In order to achieve the color layer after the first full color effect, you must pay attention to the use of gesture that coating, commonly divided into Ping Tu Tu, Tu, and thick powder coating. Ping Tu, the intensity is to use one-way, even gestures drawn to a large area coating color, suitable for smooth and stable in the shape of static body composition; Powder coating is based on the painting refers to the body's natural tendency turning brush, brush strokes compared loose and flexible; thick coating is thick full-size heap or in part, paint, and some form of color layers up to several millimeters or color, texture of the pigment to show the fun, the image has also been strengthened.

    Language as an art, oil painting, including color, shading, line, texture, brush strokes, texture, light, space, composition and many other form factors, the role of oil painting techniques that will be of the form factors to be reflected or focused on the individual to , painting material properties provide adequate grounding in the second plane on the possible use of painting techniques. Oil production process is skilled artists consciously control the painting materials, select and use to express artistic ideas, and form the artistic image of the techniques of the creative process. Paintings express the artist gives both the ideological content, but also demonstrated the unique language of oil painting through the development of the classical, modern, modern several times, suffering from different periods of time painting dominated the art of thinking and techniques of the constraints, showing a different aspect.

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