Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh (Vincent William Willem van Gogh, 1890
-1853), may be the Netherlands Impressionist painter. In his earlier year, Van Gogh do business, after which was bound up in religion. He started out to look at essential oil paintings because 1880. And he after met with E. Bernard, P.Signac, P.Gogh as well as other painters in Paris.
Van Gogh was a pioneer of expressionism, and experienced an deep impact on essential oil painting art work all through the 20th century, especially the fauvism as well as the Germany expressionism. Van Gogh’s essential oil paintings, for example Starry Night, Sunflower as well as the Cornfield with crow, etc, are positioned as one of the most famous, throughout the earth regarded and high-priced artistic operates at present. But on July 29th 1890, Van Gogh ended his youthful lifestyle in fabulous France Schwartz Riverside, like a end result of suffering psychological disease. At that time, he’s only 37 many years old.

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