Monday, November 8, 2010

puma and ecco

The third largest supplier to the World Cup, the German brand Puma shoes (Puma) has hailed a great success for the company. Puma spokesman said: “we are very happy that the World Cup results very beneficial to us. We not only in football market established our third ranking, but also strengthen our strength. “There are a total of 7 branches of national team and Puma sign, including challengers Uruguay. In total 64 races, the puma sneakers brand participated in 26 matches, the total global audience before the debut of 39 hours. The spokesman said, puma kicks or Africa national football team’s number one sponsor, enter the eight-strong at that “African football has now become one of the highest standards of”. Sponsor’s success is not less than the shirt and shoes. The Japanese electric appliance giant and the world football association is the official partner of Sony Corporation.

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