Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Enhance the intelligence of the 12 babies a simple way

Baby's intelligence is the father and mother have been very concerned about the issue, but this requires a slow process, where the provision of intelligence to improve the 12 babies, and I hope can improve your baby intelligence of help.
One. Improve the baby logical
1 reasoning test
You and your baby ready to eat breakfast, but have not opened the boxes early, parents can allow children to guess: "Guess what we eat breakfast today?" "Do you want milk or soy milk?" This approach mathematical logic can improve the child's intelligence.
2, the stair count
Your child will feel tired and down the stairs and tasteless, but if this time with some interesting ways the parents can not only make your baby smart has improved, and the baby was noisy on the stairs to adults hold their own situation will also be greatly reduced. Parents can lead the children a level one step, layer by layer counting the order of the stairs, and often the process of climbing the stairs, the children's mathematical logic, intelligence will be increased.
3, their way, a few numbers
After the kids go out, you can use to go home for some time, because time is very adequate way home, the child's mood is mostly relaxed. This time, in the face of all of the road extending in all directions, let the children identify and remember to identify the characteristics of the road and the differences, learn to use reference to know the route, can improve children's observation.
On the way home, you can also teach children the number of house number, to distinguish which side is even, which side is odd, can strengthen children's number concepts, to enhance the mathematical logic of intelligent help.
4, looking for program schedule
Watching TV at night, when the children love to see what the program is broadcast it? Reported on the TV to find that time to teach children about time. This can develop children's mathematical abilities, and children can unconsciously learn some Chinese characters.
5, the number of toys with your child
Before going to bed at night, let the child put his toys packed. To do their own thing their own, but parents can assist, to take this opportunity to help children learn new skills. At first, parents and children can be loud with a few toys, put away the number one finished one. Children will be able to know the count by imitating the order, after the number can let the children and put a toy. This can foster the children's mathematical intelligence.
6, to see the price of goods
When shopping, parents and children to take a look at the labels of goods, let the children know that every kind of product has its price. And children and then calculate, how much money to buy two pieces, mother of 10 dollars, enough to buy a few ... ... It can have a first child on the concept of money, but also to enhance his mathematical intelligence.
7, change clothing and mathematics
Warm weather, the clothes to be reduced; the winter cold, clothes to be increased accordingly. In this process, you can and the number of children with the number of clothes, summer wear unlined 1; fall underwear sweater coat 3 pieces; winter underwear sweater jacket winter clothes 4 pieces. In this process, the baby will be the cold weather and wear thick clothes to keep warm and the weather to cool and heat and wear thin clothes linked to the lives of children from specific experiences to enhance proprioception, awareness of nature.
Wear off in time for your baby clothes button his own shirt, from top to bottom lines, or lines from the bottom up, so that the baby's mathematical logic intelligence has been improved.
II. Enhance interpersonal and communication
8, with people greeting
Teach children to meet acquaintances say hello say hello to them. When teaching children to say hello to a different courtesy title, such as "uncle, aunt, grandmother," and so on, need to teach children to use polite language greeting "Hello", "do you go to work," and so on. This can improve the child's interpersonal intelligence.
9, let the children introduce themselves
Calling to see, let a child simply to introduce myself, do not talk too much, if the child shy, just tell us the name, age on it, which not only foster the children's interpersonal skills, but also to enhance his intrapersonal intelligence.
10, the age of the children of people with similar guest
Sometimes parents have to pick about a guest of the object. To have children of people to dinner for children to create with people's time. And playing with the children, but also to cultivate the awareness of children teamwork and cooperation.
11, let the children come to help
Mom and Dad can pretend that they have difficulties, let the children come to give you a hand, look like rags, etc. to help rub. Through labor, children can build self-awareness of services and service to others. To help parents give their children a sense of participation requests, and can train his first cooperative, on his good interpersonal communication.
12, to ask the way baby
Mom can always take to the streets with children in the street, the mother should encourage the baby to ask for directions, which can improve his interpersonal intelligence, because the road to ask a stranger, the baby can fully exercise interpersonal skills.

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